GameStick available today… Or not – UPDATED


PlayJam’s GameStick was finally set to release today, but according to GameStop (who is an investor in the GameStick) the Android based microconsole will not be available until November 15th. A curious release date choice, as that is when Sony releases the PlayStation 4. The GameStick will likely be the last thing on most people’s mind on that day. This device has been delayed so many times it is getting to the point of ridiculousness.

Reports have also started to come in from those who received their Kickstarted units this past week. Many units have been DOA, or they continuously freeze and reboot. You can check out Amazon for some more on that, which also now just lists the GameStick as “out of stock” and has no release date. There also only seems to be just around 50 games available for the system, compared to the the 177 that were available at launch for the OUYA.

Many criticized the launch of the OUYA, the first to start the Android microconsole “revolution”. It seems the GameStick is having an even more difficult launch. Continuous delays should have meant a fully baked product by release, but initial reports seem to show otherwise. Hopefully they can get things worked out quickly, and hopefully the 15th doesn’t pass with no release.


UPDATE:    PlayJam took to their Kickstarter page to address problems that many backers were having with the units they just received. Check it out for their responses to each of these issues.

  • 1. Inability / difficulty in connecting to Wifi / WiFi dropping / no internet 
  • 2. UI Sticks on ‘Searching For Updates’ 
  • 3. Reports of GameStick running hot
  • 4. Registered Users unable to complete online stick activation. 
  • 5. Box Seals Open 


By Chris Garcia via GameStop and Amazon and Kickstarter.


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