Best Choices For Cheap Chromebook

Chromebook might not too popular on the market, but this device is actually having a great thing to promise for. First, their product is cheaper than most Windows laptop that you could find on the market. Yeah, it’s cheaper and with almost the same specs and build quality. The second, the ecosystem is totally safe, means that you don’t need to worry about virus or malware because the OS itself is free from it. I guess you probably need to always reinstall your windows because it’s infected with the virus. It would be tough right, then why don’t you take a look of our list.

Samsung Chromebook Pro

This is going to be on my top list because of the price and also the performance. This laptop is really good with the lightweight design and good processor. The performance itself is powered by Intel M3 6Y30 and its well perform on even some serious usage. The storage inside is 32 GB and with QHD display. I guess doing everything here would be easier with faster performance and good display.

Asus Chromebook Flip

Asus is also trying their way to get into with this market with their own product. This is the answer for people who are looking for their product on this OS. One of the greatest thing here, the laptop itself is convertible it means that you could use with laptop mode or you can use it as tablet mode for media entertainment, so it would be really perfect for source of entertainment and doing our productivity.

Dell Chromebook 11

I always have trust in the big name of this company. One thing that you are going to love here is the build quality. The design is so well made and I did not have any problem on bringing it everywhere. The price might be low, but their choosing the right component for it. The hinge itself is able to move to 180 degree and you would get the perfect angle for working. I have tried to move it again and again to see how well it is and it is seems okay after 2 months of usage.

Chrome is might be your choice if you want to get a laptop for your children. It’s totally safe and you don’t have to worry if they are making mess with it. It also having a family control where you can see everything that they do.

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