Old games, new media

Old games, new media

The rapid evolution of technology causes us to sometimes forget that video games recently did not have the current color, definition or design. But when you look back you remember that the simplicity of then made you enjoy as much as today a console or an application on the smartphone.

Between the 70s and 90s, arcade machines dominated the video game landscape. The young people lined up to play three minutes for a price that we don’t want to spend now when downloading an app. They were fascinated by games that are great classics today: Galaxian, Pac-Man (the famous Comecocos), Tetris, Arkanoid … The list evokes many memories. Super Mario Bros and Street Fighter were then a visual leap. And with the arrival at the homes of the consoles in the 90s, the prominence of the arcade machines was fading.

Now that the game consoles and games have advanced enormously, technological innovations and artisanal work come together to take us back to these recreational rooms. But this time we can plant the arcade machine in the living room. There are several workshops and shops that manufacture these classic-looking devices but with a computer treasure inside.

Using small computers or boards such as the Raspberry Pi 2 and LCD or TFT-LCD screens (according to Arcade Madrid) they manage to emulate thousands of games on a single device. With the same joysticks you face Martians again, murderous bubbles and other enemies, while listening to the typical sounds of those devices. And for a moment you travel in time without realizing that within that retro box there is a technology as recent as that of mobile apps and web pages.

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